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* Union Hill Church Pre-School

427 Franklin Road, Denville, NJ 07834


The Union Hill Church Preschool is a special place where children are nurtured and supported both emotionally and academically. We provide a loving environment where children can learn, develop lifelong friendships and enjoy their most impressionable years. We welcome children ages 2-1/2 - 6 for Preschool, Kindergarten Readiness, and summer fun!

* Union Hill Church Pre-School
  • phone973-361-5983

* United Card & Smoke Shop

13 Broadway


​The United Card and Smoke Shop is a family-friendly, full service greeting card and tobacco shop with so much more!

* United Card & Smoke Shop
  • phone973-627-6718

* Uptown Art

28 Diamond Spring Road


​Uptown Art is where good friends gather to relax and let their creative side flourish.  Start with a blank canvas, add some nice wine, step-by-step instructions, and emerge with a completed painting at the end of a fun-filled evening.  We also offer private painting sessions, off-site, and corporate events.

* Uptown Art
  • phone862-209-1717