Ink About You-Permanent Cosmetics

35 West Main St. Suite #202


Why choose Permanent Cosmetics?

·  The desire to always look your best without the daily hassle of applying makeup-say goodbye to eyebrow pencil and eyeliner!

·  Instant gratification for thinning, fading or even no eyebrows

·  Poor vision or unsteady hands-making it difficult to apply makeup

·  Smudge proof-Water proof for the sports active

·  Watery eyes or allergies related to cosmetics, sensitive skin, pollen or outdoor related irritants

·  Alopecia, scars resulting from surgery or accidents and Vitiligo

·  Enhance your natural features with eyelash, eyebrow or lip enhancement

·  Receding hairlines

·  For men too! Especially for scars in eyebrows or mustache to give a thicker fuller appearance