Morris County Vocational School District

400 East Main Street


Students in 8th grade may apply to an Academy: Child Related Careers, Culinary Arts, Finance & International Business, Health Care Science, Law& Public Safety, Math, Science &Engineering, Networking, Information Technology and Communications, Veterinary Science and Visual & Performing Arts. The admission process begins in September each year and ends early December.

Students already in high school may apply in 10thor 11th grade for a Share Time Program. Half day programs forspecialized occupational training as part of their junior and/or senior yearhigh school program. The following programs are offered: Auto Body/Collision Repair,Auto Service Tech, Computer Aided Drafting & Design, Carpentry, Cosmetology,Electrical, Plumbing, and Welding. Alsooffered are six programs for students with special needs: Auto Body/CollisionRepair, Auto Service Tech, Building Construction, Building & GroundsMaintenance, Food Services and Retail/Supermarket Careers.

The Adult Education division of the Morris County Vocational School District offers a variety of programs during theday, in the evening and on Saturdays throughout the school year. For thoseinterested in enhancing their careers skills or moving in a new careerdirection, there are part time apprentice courses in areas such as electricaland plumbing. Construction related courses focus on CAD applications, blueprintreading woodworking and welding. Courses are also offered in the areas ofhealth occupations. In addition to vocational-oriented programs, classes inmany areas of fitness and fun are offered such as Zumba, Yoga, Pilates, weightloss, self defense and dance.